School Leaver Employment Scheme (SLES)

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School Leaver Employment Scheme 

  • School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES) is early intervention for eligible NDIS participants in their last year of school up to the age of 22.
  • Designed to support their transition from school to employment, SLES helps young people prepare for and take part in work.
  • Through SLES, school leavers can receive NDIS-funded support for up to two years focused on improving employment opportunities by getting them work-ready.

For more information, you can visit the NDIS website:
School Leaver Employment Supports

ACT Leisure Program - difference

Our Services

The supports and programs which we can help with are as follows:

Travel Training

Protecting Your Money

Shopping Wisely

Budgeting Program


Preparing for your first day of work

Money Management

Living on your own

Workplace Norms


Saving and Investing

Interview Preparation

Social and Business Communication Travel Training

Working Independently

Planning and Organising

Building Resilience

Understanding Rights and Responsibilities in the Workplace

Computer Literacy

Workplace Experience


Using Financial Services and Understanding Credit/Loans

Conflict Resolution and Negotiation

Cash Handling/Business Operations

Recruitment Paperwork Preparation

Resumé Preparation and Job Search Strategies/Submitting Job Applications

Life Skills and Personal Administration

Personal Hygiene and Personal Presentation

Self-Motivation and Self-Determination

How to sell yourself and find your competitive advantage

Decision Making and Problem Solving

Time Management and Prioritisation

Literacy and Numeracy Skills


We offer practical work experience-based learning in most of our courses – giving Participants the experience and skills to gain meaningful employment.


Our person-centred approach ensures that Participants are at the centre of the care they receive, and they are empowered to be the leading voice as to how they receive care.


Our results demonstrate that our customers are happy with their care and continue to remain with our services as they progress through their NDIS journeys.

Work Experience

As an organisation we are committed to maximise your chances at gaining meaningful employment and we know that besides training and building skills the thing that will make you competitive in your employment journey is practical experience.

We offer a competitive advantage to you as a candidate because we provide several work experience opportunities linked to most of our courses which will supplement the skills you are developing and learning. While this list is always expanding, we offer work experience across several industries including:

Customer service
Food services

We partner with like-minded organisations in the ACT community to find suitable placement opportunities for our clients.

Our SLES Team

ACT Leisure Program

Leonardo Miranda: Facilitator



Anna-Maria Zivkov: Learning Content Specialist



ACT Leisure Program Art
ACT Leisure Program Art

Anna-Maria Zivkov: Learning Content Specialist


Food Truck: Curbside Delights

At ACT Leisure Program, our mission is to be catalysts for change and empowerment. As a NDIS service provider, we’ve identified that there is a crucial gap in the broader community for providing individuals with disabilities meaningful work experience and employment opportunities. In response to this need, we proudly present Curbside Delights. This innovative food truck is designed to offer NDIS participants the essential skills and training required to enter the workforce successfully. Through the creation of delicious food, we not only foster individual growth but also contribute positively to the community.

Work Experience

Are you a NDIS Participant and looking to enhance your skills in a dynamic kitchen environment? Join us for our Work Experience opportunities where you can immerse yourself in a fast-paced kitchen setting. We’re not just providing experience; we’re committed to assisting you in securing meaningful employment after your work experience.

Career Opportunities

At Curbside Delights, we are continually growing. With another coffee trailer set to arrive between February and March 2024, we’re on the lookout for new team members. If you’re interested in joining us, send your resume to and we’ll be sure to reach out!

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Curbside Delights


Curbside Delights


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